Femap version 10 is the latest release of the robust finite element modeling pre and postprocessor application known for its tight integration with the Nastran solver. The Femap version 10 release focuses on core simulation tasks, including processing and meshing, and provides new tools to mesh complex structures more accurately.

Key Messsages

  • Improves accuracy of FEA results through higher quality meshes.
  • Reduces modeling times with more intuitive work flows.
  • Easier to use with more automated meshing and simulation processes.
  • Optimizes modeling process with increased modeling fidelity only where it is needed to ensure efficient analyses and faster turnaround times.


Demos On-Line de FEMAP V10.0

 Interactive Mesh Generation and Verification:

 Mesh Density and Control Size - Solids:

 Mesh Density and Control Size - Surfaces:

 Mesh Improvement Tools - Mesh Refinement Around Stress Raisers:


Catálogos en PDF :
FEMAP Version 10.0 - Novedades
FEMAP Version 10.0 - What's New DEEP DIVE

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