NX NASTRAN V6.1 ofrece las siguientes mejoras y novedades más importantes:

NX NASTRAN V6.1 Timeline

 Dynamics ...
Grid point force output now supported for SOL 111 and 108
More control added to RMAXMIN and direct transient support added
Multiple rotor speeds for rotor dynamics analyses

 External Superelements ...
Now support grid point force recovery in the system solution
Added control of names for DMIG matrices
Multiple rotor speeds for rotor dynamics analyses

 Linear Contact ...
Performance improved by adding options to compute optimal penalty factors based on model characteristics. Solutions converge more quickly when optimal factors are used.

 Glue ...
New glue type option added to improve accuracy when glued surfaces are not coincident
Glue refinement originally supported for solid element surfaces is now supported for shell element surfaces.

 Loadings ...
New acceleration load definitions for static loads that allow varying acceleration loads over different parts of the model

 Elements ...
Pyramid elements are now available to transition from tetra to hex elements
CBUSH structural damping can now have different values for different directions.
Different structural damping can now be used for shell membrane, bending and transverse shear stiffness
Added torsional mass moment of inertia for CBAR and CROD elements
New axi-symmetric elements added in NX Nastran 6 are now supported in SOL 200
New nonstructural mass input cards to add mass independent of model property cards

 Numerical Performance ...
ILP-64 (large memory) version now supported on Windows 64 platforms
Improved performance of DMP with GDMODES
Added multi-level implementation of DMP with RDMODES
Performance improvements to MPYAD and SMPYAD DMAP operations

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